Moda for Us

Styled by Godínez is a fashion forward, values driven personal styling project.

The premise of Styled by Godínez is that fashion is for everyone and our motto is: Moda For Us. 

Moda: (N.)/moh-dah! Fashion


Accessible Style & Fashion

Styled by Godínez operates under the notion that style and fashion can be made accessible. This is why our motto is Moda For Us. "Moda" means "Fashion" in Spanish. Moda For Us is an affirmation that fashion is for everyone, it's for us--women of color, fat women, working class, immigrants, queer, everyone and anyone who wants to look and feel great. Styled by Godínez is a passion project and I want to help you experience fashion and style in a fun and fulfilling way.

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Inspiration & Other Goodies

Have you ever stepped into a Mexican bakery? The intoxicating smells filling your nostrils with whiffs of sweetness, maybe nostalgia. Not to mention the explosion of colors and textures--whether it's from the conchas in their pastel hues, or the sprinkle-covered cookies--the aesthetics are a reminder that things don't need to be perfectly matched to make sense. This too, is how I approach fashion.

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